Archived Sermons

Letting go can be difficult…and clinging to something new is not necessarily easy…but living into a vision of a world bathed in love and hope…well, that is worth the risk.
It is rare that I give sermon time to a specific initiative in a sermon…I usually look at the social issues of the day through the lens Christianity…reflections on Pay Day Loans.
“Do not be anxious about tomorrow, Jesus said…again and again and again. Let the work of this day be sufficient for the day” (Wayne Muller, Sabbath).
May we continue to explore and embody what it means to lead a relational way of life that trusts in an all-loving God.  
As for the NFL and faith, I hope Tebow’s humility before a God who loves the losers catches on. We could all learn a little from Tim Tebow’s play book and prayer book.
What does it mean to be baptized? To be called by God? 
Truthfully, I am just a beginner at opening up my faith and my understanding of science to each other, but the more I read, the more I am convinced that they are not mutually exclusive.
Discipleship, at the very least, presumes engagement. To be a disciple, one must be engaged in the teachings and engaged as a teacher…even when the teachings are hard.
The author of John never uses faith as a noun. For John, faith is lived out.
Martin Luther was once asked what he would do if he knew God were coming back tomorrow. Luther said he would plant a tree.