Current Sermons

Our ancient Jewish brothers and sisters had a deep understanding of how faith and work and the living out of faith through worship, work and service came together in their lives. 
So, are we last, lost or lasting? On this Pentecost day, I hope the message is clear. 
Everybody in the world is hungry…and not just for what the body needs, but, now more than ever, for what our spirits need.   

 Making Room for Spiritual Practices – Lenten 2016 Series

Making room for nurturing encourages us to find a quiet place where you can loosen the soil of your soul, preparing it for the rich nourishment that God provides.
Making room by befriending your shadow self asks us to simply slow down and take a look. Take time to listen and notice, to examine and take inventory.
Making room for reverence calls us to take a radical step away from the status quo, towards a way of life that will bring healing, reconciliation and a reverence for life in all its diversity.
Making room for questing asks us to take some time  to reflect on own faith pilgrimage as a progressive Christian…a pilgrimage that will take you to the very heart of God while also traveling into the world with God as your companion.
Making room for love challenges us to open ourselves up to the Spirit that gave Jesus a deep grounding in love and the courage to stand on his faith and convictions to the end.


Fall 2015 Sermons

Tossing the Cloak Being co-creators with God, making and keeping human life human in the ways we trust one another and care for one another
Blip or Beacon    Children’s Sabbath
Having It All   Examining the way our accumulated possessions possess us
Source of Joy   World Communion Sunday