Ministry Teams

Building and Grounds

The church is, most of all, a body of individual members attempting to live their faith and gathering as a community to worship. Although the church is not a building, the church’s building provides a place for worship and for many of the activities of the church. The Building and Grounds Ministry Team maintains the church building and its grounds.

Social Action

The Social Action Ministry Team supports the congregation as they work to create a more just and peaceful world through  actions in our wider community. We are a church where Jesus the healer meets Jesus the revolutionary, and where together we build a better world.


The Worship Ministry Team works with the Pastor(s) to help people experience a deeper relationship with God through a rich worship life of the highest quality, including administration of the sacraments of baptism and communion.

Care and Visitation

The Care & Visitation Ministry Team focuses on facilitating caring relationships within the congregation.

Adult Forum/Education

The Adult Forum Ministry Team seeks to provide a thoughtful and welcoming learning environment for members and friends of Spirit of Peace UCC. The range of ideas explored is broad by design to reflect the broad interests of the Spirit of Peace UCC community. Peace and social justice, mental and emotional health, theology, Bible study, ethics, the environment, arts, education and politics are examples of recent topics.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Ministry Team designs and guides an education program that meets church members’ needs and fits with the church’s educational and theological principles. Christian education emphasizes spiritual growth, at the same time asserting that the spiritual is not separate from the intellectual, emotional, physical, ethical, and social components of life.

Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation Ministry Team works with the Pastor to provide programming that supports, nurtures, encourages and enriches the spiritual life of all members by encouraging sacred rest, balance, creativity, healing and love.


The Invitation Ministry Team focuses on hospitality and relationships through the welcoming and nurture of visitors and new members. 


This Stewardship Ministry Team implements and oversees fundraising efforts and educates members toward responsible and responsive stewardship of the church.